FitCore Extreme at Middleton-Mills Park

Fitness Equipment at Middleton-Mills Park

We welcome budding fitness warriors to Middleton-Mills Park!  This allows kids the ability to learn the value of friendly competition, personal development and overall physical fitness, all while striving to conquer this age-appropriate obstacle course.

You can find the obstacle course located behind the soccer fields at the second soccer parking lot.

Middleton-Mills park is located at 3415 Mills Road, Covington, KY 41015

Equipment Guide

FitCore Extreme High Step

FitCore™ Extreme High Step

Age Range: 5-12

The High Step challenges kids’ speed and agility. A horizontal net is suspended above the ground, requiring fancy footwork to land within each square.

Parallel Bar

Parallel Bar

Age Range: 5-12

The Sports and Fitness Parallel Bars improves flexibility, coordination and strength.

FitCore Extreme Jump Hang

FitCore™ Extreme Jump Hang

Age Range: 5-12

The Jump Hang challenges kids to reach for the high side of the cargo net and then crawl along the underside to reach the end without touching the ground.

FitCore Extreme Rope Climb

FitCore™ Extreme Rope Climb

Age Range: 5-12

The bell at the top of the Rope Climb allows kids to signal their successful accomplishment of this obstacle. 

FitCore Extreme Peg Bridge

FitCore™ Extreme Peg Bridge

Age Range: 5-12

The Peg Bridge puts a new twist on overhead events by having kids face the beam and sequence their hands to move along its length. 

FitCore Extreme Angled Overhead Ladder

FitCore™ Extreme Angled Overhead Ladder

Age Range: 5-12

Upper body strength is needed to master the Angled Overhead Ladder. E-Pod® steps at each end allow kids of all sizes to reach the rungs, and pods in the middle allow entry or dismount for a shorter challenge. 

FitCore Extreme Ledge Hanger

FitCore™ Extreme Ledge Hanger

Age Range: 13+

Strong fingers and upper body are required to master the Ledge Hanger. Three challenge levels are indicated by ledge color to work across the wall.