Animal Services

Kenton County Animal Services (KCAS) is suspending all non-essential services until further notice. KCAS will not be providing adoption services or accepting owner surrendered animals. If you have an appointment, a member of the shelter staff will contact you to reschedule. If you have a lost or found pet, please call the shelter at (859) 356-7400 and you will be provided instruction on how to proceed.

Animal Control Officers are restricted to emergency calls. For all other complaints, call the shelter at (859) 356-7400 and an officer will be available to speak with you.

Kenton County Animal Services is the primary law enforcement and animal sheltering agency for domestic animals in Kenton County.

Our mission is to provide services which safeguard public health and safety, to humanely house and care for animals in its charge, to protect the animals of the community from abuse and neglect, to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, and to provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.

There are two main divisions within Animal Services:

  • Animal Sheltering
  • Animal Control