During the Shaking

  • If outside, stay outside, if indoors stay indoors. Most injuries during an earthquake occur when people attempt to enter or exit a building.
  • Stay indoors and take cover under a sturdy object or in a hallway. Stay away from the glass.
  • If the earthquake catches you outside, move away from buildings or utility wires.
  • Don't run through or near buildings. If you are in a moving car, stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle.

After the Shaking

  • Don't use candles or open flames. Douse all fires.
  • If you see electrical damage, switch off electrical power at the main panel.
  • Visually inspect all utility lines, chimneys and appliances for damage.
  • If you smell gas, open the windows and shut off the main valve. Then leave the building and report gas leakage to the authorities.
  • If water pipes are damaged, cut off the water supply at the main valve.
  • Turn on your radio to get the latest emergency bulletins.
  • Use the phone only to report a life-threatening emergency.
  • Don't go sightseeing. Aftershocks may occur for several days after the main tremor.
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