Homeland Security & Emergency Management

  1. Ron Becker

    Ronald Becker

    Part-Time Deputy Director

  1. Steve Hensley

    Steve Hensley


  1. Dave Jansing

    Dave Jansing

    Part-Time Deputy Director

  1. Todd Schulkers

    Todd Schulkers

    Deputy Director

Mission Statement

To provide effective and quality disaster and emergency services to all citizens of Kenton County.


Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEM) coordinates government emergency services in Kenton County, ensuring the needs of the public are met during an emergency or disaster, whether natural (tornado, severe weather, etc) or man-made (hazardous material, radiological).

The HSEM is the conduit for the Mayors of the 19 cities within the county, and the County Judge Executive to request for support from State and Federal resources and for relief funds when a disaster is declared by the President.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

The HSEM operates under the directives and guidance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Kentucky Division Emergency Management and a Compact Agreement between the 19 cities in Kenton County.

Federal reimbursement funds for operating expenses are dependent upon meeting established Federal requirements.

Kentucky State Legislation

Kentucky State legislation mandates that HSEM not interfere with the internal operations of any government agency, but be responsible for coordinating all emergency-service agencies to ensure a united response in time of need.

Project Impact

The HSEM is responsible for coordinating Project Impact, a program developed by FEMA to encourage building disaster resistant communities. Project Impact enlists public agencies, community leaders, citizens and businesses in a public/private partnership to devise and implement pre-disaster action plans that minimize the loss of life and property.

Private Industries

The HSEM also coordinates with private industries to ensure proper response procedures in hazardous-materials incidents. From joint effort with Boone and Campbell Counties, we have on file Tier II (Chemical Inventory) reports for all of Boone, Campbell and Kenton County businesses who are required to report under SARA Title III (Community Right-To-Know Act). This information is available to the public by request via fax 859-392-1489 or by calling Steve Hensley at 859-392-1488.