Riedlin-Schott Community Room

Ried-Schott Room Lights

About the Room:

On behalf of Kenton County, we would like to welcome you to the Riedlin-Schott Community Room at the Kenton County Government Center. 

We are very grateful to Riedlin Schott, who is a descendent of the last owners of the brewery.  Mr. Schott has contributed funds to the County that has allowed for three major things:  The Bavarian Beer historical display in the lobby (with partnership of the Behringer Crawford Museum), upgraded exterior lighting of the building, and what is now the Riedlin-Schott Community Room on the second floor that will be used by the community and users of the building for decades to come.  

The room is approximately 2,100 square feet.

  • Max Occupancy (chairs only): 292 people
  • Max Occupancy (tables and chairs): 136 people


Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Chair Icon)300 Chairs

Amenities - Riedlin Schott (High Top Table Icon)
6 High Top Tables
Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Rectangle Table Icon)
15 Rectangle Tables
Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Round Table Icon)
15 Round Tables

Technology & Presentation Capabilities: 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Video Capabilities: 

    • Four wall-mounted 65” smart Samsung TVs 
    • One cart-mounted 65” smart Samsung TV that can be positioned within 4 feet of any electrical outlet in the room. 
    • Guests can connect to and present from any one TV with a variety of devices including laptops, tablets and many smartphones.
      • TVs are not able to display a single presentation from a single device across multiple TVs.
    • Most laptops and mobile devices can connect to a single TV wirelessly, and HDMI cables can be provided if desired. 
    • All five TVs include USB ports, and files can be displayed on individual TVs from a USB file storage device.
  • Audio Capabilities:

    • A podium with built in speakers is available including the following: 
      • Podium-mounted microphone 
      • Wired microphone with a 20 foot cord
      • Bluetooth connectivity to podium speakers for pairable devices
    • Note: Presentations connected to the smart TVs will project audio through the built in TV speakers, not the podium sound system.

Fee Structure:

Room Rental Fee

  • $250 – 4 Hours – Nightly/Weekend Rate (Weeknights-Any time after 5PM)
  • $100 – 4 Hours – (Day Rate - 8AM to 5PM)
  • $75   – For each additional Hour 

Security Fee – Provided by Kenton County Sheriff’s Office for events after 5PM)

  • $200 - Events under 100 guests
  • $400 – Events over 100 guests (Includes two officers)

Room Set-Up Options:

Banquet Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Conference Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Classroom Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Combination Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room (4)

How to Reserve the Room:

Please complete the Riedlin-Schott Community Room Reservation Request Form.

Submission of this form is to request the reservation for the desired date and time. The reservation is not confirmed until a County Representative contacts the Applicant and confirms the reservation. 

At that time, the Facility Use Agreement will be executed for the Kenton County Riedlin-Schott Community Room and the security deposit will be due.