New Kenton County Park

The Property

In August of 2020, the Kenton County Fiscal Court approved the conversion of 225 acres of property into a park. The property is located along Independence Station Road, neighboring Lincoln Ridge Park. The address 604 Independence Station Road, Independence, KY 41051.

The park is currently open to the public for passive recreation, including hiking, fishing, biking, wildlife observation and walking.

The Project

In 2021, using grant monies, Kenton County Fiscal Court hired Human Nature to help create a Master Plan for the park. A park master plan is a planning document which includes the framework for development, administration of resources, programs and facilities. 


  • Awareness Phase:
    information gathering from multiple sources on what the site currently has (inventory) and what it offers (analysis) and developing a program for the site that will inform the design.
  • Exploration Phase:
    Here we'll dig into design and look at a variety of design options for the entire site and get the public's input on what parts of the different designs community members prefer.
  • Vision Phase:
    We'll take the feedback from the exploration phase and create one synthesis plan for the site that we will review with the community one more time for any final input before finalizing the site master plan.

Opportunities for Public Feedback

There will several opportunities for feedback at each phase of the project.

Exploration Phase: August 4th at 5:30 PM (In-Person & Zoom)

The second opportunity for input will be at a hybrid public meeting on August 4th at 5:30 PM in the Kenton Chambers at the Kenton County Government Center (1840 Simon Kenton Way in Covington) and via Zoom.

Meeting attendees will watch a short presentation and then be asked various questions pertaining to this phase of the project. Those attending in person are asked to bring an electronic device (i.e. smartphones, tablet, laptop) so they can participate in an online, live survey. A limited number of devices will be provided. Online participants will also be able to partake in the survey. 

Zoom Link

For those unable to attend the meeting, a copy of the presentation and survey will be posted here. The survey will remain open until August 19th. Paper copies are available at the Parks & Recreation Office.

Read the News Release

Awareness Phase: April 14th at 5:30 PM via Zoom

Meeting attendees watched a short presentation and were asked various questions regarding amenities and features. For those unable to attend the meeting, a copy of the presentation is available below. The survey was open through April 30th.