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Trash Voucher Program Application

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    The CivicRec platform is where the voucher is obtained.
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  3. This trash bill can be paid in varying time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) depending on where you live. Sometimes the trash bill is part of the city taxes. It is required to apply for a voucher.
  4. Please note:
    Banking statements and credit card statements are NOT acceptable file uploads for proof of a paid trash bill.
  5. Kenton County Code of Ordinances
  6. Chapter 50.031: Collection of solid waste, including bulky waste, from all generators, including residential, agricultural, commercial, institutional and industrial is mandatory.
  7. Chapter 50.066: Open dumping of solid waste, including bulky waste, on all lands (that is, roadsides, hollows, river, streams, lakes, and the like) by any persons is prohibited.
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