Reclaiming or Surrendering a Pet

Holding Time for Shelter Animals

  • Orange and white cat sitting on a cat tree inside of an enclosure Opens in new windowStray dogs impounded by Animal Services that have no visible form of identification are held for at least 5 business days before being rehomed, unless reclaimed by the owner(s). (KRS 258.215)
  • Stray cats with no sign of ownership do not have a set time that they must be held at the shelter before either being rehomed or sent through the Community Cat Program
    • Signs of ownership may include: being neutered/spayed, a collar (or flea collar), declawing, etc.
  • If a dog or cat comes in to the shelter with a form of identification (microchip, license, etc.), Animal Services will attempt to contact the registered owner with a notice of impoundment, delivered either in person or by certified mail. Upon receipt of the notice of impoundment, the owner has 72 hours to reclaim the animal before it is placed up for adoption. (Section 90.03 of county ordinance).
  • Animals surrendered to the shelter by their legal owner(s) have no set time that they must be held; they become property of Kenton County as soon as they are signed over.

Reclaiming Your Pet

Service Provided
Redemption Fees
1st Impound
2nd Impound
(within 12 months)
3rd Impound
(within 12 months)
4 or more
(within 12 months)
$85 & Citation
(starting day 2)
$10 per day
Emergency Medical$45
After-Hours Call
Rabies Vaccination Voucher

*All animals owned by Kenton County residents must leave with a current county license.

Surrendered Animals

To schedule an appointment to surrender your pet, please call the shelter during business hours at (859) 356-7400 to speak with a staff member. You will also need to complete a dog or cat behavior questionnaire before your appointment. 

Please note: You must be a resident of Kenton County in order for us to schedule an appointment to surrender.