Why has my fee changed from last year?

If you live in the City of Erlanger, Elsmere, or Crescent Springs, your 911 dispatch services are now provided by the Kenton County Emergency Communications Center. Your property will be assessed the appropriate 911 fee depending on your land use.

If you do not live in one of these cities, your property may have been reassessed and its land use updated, resulting in a different land use fee for 2018.

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1. Why is my fee (x) amount of dollars?
2. Why has my fee changed from last year?
3. Other nearby counties are charging a per unit 911 fee. How is the Kenton County fee different?
4. How did the county determine the fee amount?
5. What land uses fall into each category?
6. When do I have to pay this fee?
7. How do I appeal my 911 fee?
8. What if I win my appeal?
9. When will I get my refund?
10. Why did my parcel not get charged a fee?
11. I believe the Kenton County Property Valuation Administrator’s office (PVA) has the wrong Land Use code or unit count on file for my property. How do I request this be changed and my 911 fee adjusted?
12. I have a question that is not listed on this FAQ, or I would like to give feedback on the 911 fee.