Why is my fee (x) amount of dollars?

The new fee structure is based on the land use code the Property Valuation Administrator’s office (PVA) has on record for your property. The PVA has over 150 different Land Use codes that were grouped together into seven different land use density categories. Each category pays a different fee:

Fee GroupingDescription911 Standardized Fee 2020
Commercial Super RetailRetail over 25,000 square feet$2,630
Commercial Large RetailRetail between 7,500 & 25,000 square feet$435
Commercial Medium RetailRetail between 2,500 & 7,500 square feet
Commercial Small Retail
Retail between 1,000 & 2,500 square feet$300
Commercial Tiny RetailRetail under 1,000 square feet$265
Commercial Non-RetailAll other Non-Exempt$245
Public UseEmergency Service
Government Offices and Churches
Low Density Residential and Agricultural1 to 3 Units$75
Medium Density Residential4 to 39 Units$75 per unit (max $340)
High Density Residential40 or More Units$75 per unit (max $4,595)

No residential land use will owe more than $75 per unit.

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1. Why is my fee (x) amount of dollars?
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