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Trash for Cash Application


  1. 1. Application Instructions
  2. 2. Organization Information
  3. 3. Preference Information
  4. 4. Litter Pickup Agreement: General Terms
  5. 5. Litter Pickup Agreement: Safety Requirements & Procedures
  6. 6. Litter Pickup Agreement: Post Event Requirements
  7. 7. Final Agreement
  • Application Instructions

    1. Thank you for your interest in Kenton County’s Trash for Cash program! Below you will find steps to follow in order to apply for a Trash for Cash Program. If you have questions concerning the program, please contact the Kenton County Solid Waste Coordinator, Melissa Grandstaff at (859) 392-1919 or
    2. Your group must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:
      1. Your group is a not-for-profit agency.
    3. 2. Your group is located/based in Kenton County.
    4. 3. Volunteers must be age 12 or older.
    5. 4. You must establish a group leader who is responsible for all contact with the Kenton County Solid Waste Coordinator.
    6. 5. You must complete the Application, Litter Pickup Agreement, and Preference Sheet sections of this form. Organizations must also submit their most recent W-9 tax form via mail or fax to the Kenton County Solid Waste Coordinator.