School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer posing in front of building.

The Kenton County Police provides school resource officers (SROs) to schools in the unincorporated areas of the county.  The program is a partnership between the Kenton County Police and the Kenton County School Board.  The role of an SRO is to provide safety and security to our children and school staff so they can focus on learning. This is done through deterrence by their presence, educating staff, and ensuring the physical security of the school buildings. 

We also believe the SRO can serve as a resource in providing another connection between our agency and the community we serve. An SRO does not serve as a disciplinarian in regards to violations of school rules or minor transgressions. The decision to discipline and the discipline itself is handled by school staff.

School Resource Officer posing for the first day of school with lunchbox.
School Resource Officer posing with lunchbox on the first day of school.
School Resource Officer posing in front of building.