Trapping & Relocating Healthy Wildlife

In order to trap and/or relocate wildlife in the State of Kentucky, you must be properly licensed through the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife (301 KAR 2:081).

At this time, Animal Control does not have the licensing required to take healthy wildlife. If you have a situation in which you need healthy wildlife safely removed, you will need to contact a commercial wildlife / "critter" removal service.

For more information, please use the following links:raccoon sitting inside a tree eating Opens in new window

Sick or Injured Wildlife

Animal Control can, however, assist with wildlife if it is sick and/or injured. If you have concerns about a sick/injured animal, please contact Animal Control at (859) 356-3191.

Abandoned / Orphaned Fawns

Every year we receive several phone calls regarding fawns. It is normal for a fawn to be left alone during the day. Mothers will do this to avoid leading predators to their unscented young. They will visit the fawns typically around dusk or during the night to feed them. 

  • How to tell if a fawn is abandoned
    If a fawn is lying flat and quiet, it is best to leave it alone. Chances are mom is close by. If a fawn is walking around and appears to be distressed, if its ears are wilting (sign of dehydration) or appears emaciated or injured, then chances are it has been orphaned. In this instance it is appropriate to call Animal Control.

If you are unsure if a fawn is orphaned, or if you have questions about wildlife rehabilitation, you can call the Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc. at (859) 280-3053 or the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at (800) 858-1549.