Get an Account & Other Forms

Obtain a County Occupational License Account Number

Zoning / City Permit

A zoning and/or city permit may be required before you begin business activity. This includes ’door-to-door’ solicitations.

The Fiscal Court

The Fiscal Court reviews the application and issues an account number to be used for the Annual Occupational License Fee and Business License Renewal Return and Employees’ Quarterly Withholding Return Filings.

Using the forms

In order to use our digital tax forms to properly calculate your tax rate, we recommend using the Chrome browser to download the forms, and they must be opened with Adobe Reader (both Chrome and Adobe are free).

Please note that many browsers will open the forms in another browser tab by default, but this will not allow you to utilize these forms properly – they must be opened within Adobe.

If you have technical issues opening the forms in Adobe, try the following instructions using the browser Chrome.

  • Right click on the link to the form you want to download, and select “Save Link As”
  • Save the file on your computer so that you can access it.
  • When the file has downloaded, click on the arrow next to the file at the bottom of your browser window, and select “Show in Folder”
  • Double click on the file you have just downloaded to open it in Adobe.

Downloading Tax Form Video

If you are still having difficulty downloading these forms, please call (859) 392-1440.

  1. Business License
  2. Annual Returns
  3. Employer Withholding 
  4. Refund Application