Coroners perform post-mortem examinations and investigations for a variety of death circumstances including, but not limited to, deaths that appear to be caused by homicide or violence, suicide, drugs or poisons, motor vehicle accidents, fire or explosion, or any death that is sudden and unexplained 

Full list of circumstances available in KRS 72.025.

  1. Amber Constantino, RN, BSN, FNE


    Amber Constantino received a degree in nursing from Good Samaritan in 1999. Prior to joining the Kenton County Coroner’s Office, she worked at St. Elizabeth Healthcare as a Forensic Nurse Examiner providing care for victims of sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse, child abuse, and interpersonal violence. As a forensic nurse, each patient contact requires the use of triage skills as well as an extensive history and physical examination. She also continued her education and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Kentucky University in 2018.

    Constantino was appointed Deputy Coroner in 2020 where she is responsible for investigating deaths, collecting and examining history of the decedent, documenting normal and abnormal findings, identifying human remains, supervising the transportation of corpses, operating crime scene equipment, completing death certificates, and notifying next of kin. She received her Certification in Death Investigation from the Online University of North Dakota.

  2. Ronald Cook

    Deputy Coroner

    Ron has served as a Kenton County Deputy Coroner for 25 years and has been involved with the Regional Medical Examiner’s Office for 20 years.

    • U.S.N. Hospital Corps School
    • U.S.M.C. Field Medical Service School

    1966 Corpsman Third Battalion Fourth Marines Vietnam Trauma Triage Medical Evacuation. Combat wounded.

    1967 Medical support Battalion second battalion third marines Vietnam. Trauma triage surgical support medical evacuation mortuary affairs. 

    • Cincinnati College Mortuary School
    • St. Louis Medical school program forensic medicine
    • Associate Allison & Rose funeral homes 50+ years

  3. Christina Edwards

    Coroner Secretary

    Christina has been with the Kenton County Coroner’s Office since 2019.

    Her primary responsibilities include providing office support to the Coroner and Deputy Coroners, managing the monthly schedule, recording deaths (electronic filing system), receiving and filing autopsy and toxicology reports, scheduling appointments with family and firms, interacting with other agencies (police, fire, funeral homes, etc.), and responding to problems via phone or email.

  4. Eric Jeffries

    Deputy Coroner

    Eric has served as a patrolman at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Police Department since 1996, with the exception of 2017. His duties include preventative patrol (inquiry and inspection activities) which is oriented towards prevention of crimes and accidents, maintenance of public order, the discovery of hazards and safety and security within the airport air operations area. He is also responsible for investigating crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions, including the arrest of offenders.

    He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Police Administration in 1992 from Eastern Kentucky University and his law enforcement basic training in 1997. He became a Deputy Coroner in 2021.

  5. James M.D. Reed

    Chief Deputy Coroner

    Jim is a lifelong resident of Kenton County. He graduated from Dixie Heights High School. He was a member of the Covington Fire Department for 28 years and served as an EMT and Paramedic, which including being responsible for an ambulance. He was a certified American Heart Association C.P.R. instructor as well as a Kentucky State Fire Service Instructor. He taught and recertified EMT’s for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He also assisted the pathologist at the hospital on autopsies. For 15 years, he was a Police Specialist for the City of Taylor Mill and received his Law Enforcement certification from Northern Kentucky University. 

    He has served as a Deputy Coroner for 39 years and Chief Deputy for 30 years. He received his Coroner certification at Eastern Kentucky University and has been an advanced and master coroner since 2005, the highest certification that can be achieved in the Coroner's Office.

  6. Joseph Rieskamp

    Deputy Coroner

    Joseph is a lifetime resident of Kenton County. He attended Covington Catholic High School and the University of Kentucky. In 1970, he joined the Covington Police Department and retired in 1995 as Chief of Police. He worked as a Paramedic for St. Elizabeth (1995-2005) and then as a Field Medic for the Independence Fire Department (2005-2016). He also taught for twenty years as a part-time adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati teaching law enforcement and pre-hospital care.

    Joseph became a Deputy Coroner in 2016. He's received training through Kentucky Law Enforcement, the University of Eastern Kentucky, the University of Virginia and the FBI.