2016 Survey

Survey Results

View the 2016 Survey Results Presentation (PDF) and the 2016 Executive Summary and Survey Results (PDF). Analysis was provided by:
Dr. Lori Garkovich
Department of Community and Leadership Development
University of Kentucky

Purpose of the 2016 Survey

The 2016 survey is a follow up to the 2014 survey in which the South Kenton community established it’s vision for growth and preservation of our rural agricultural character. Volunteers have prepared 3,678 surveys to be mailed to all residents and landowners in the unincorporated, rural identified area in the Direction 2030, comprehensive plan. View the South Kenton County Map (PDF).

Surveys may be mailed back using the free postage return envelop to Dr. Lori Garkovich. Her team will analyze the data and report results back to us. We expect to be able to share these results in late April.

We are asking for only one response per household. This is a survey that is being used by your community, and all opinions are valued!

Zoning Options

The zoning committee of the South Kenton County Citizen Group is using the 2016 survey to get direction from the residents and landowners of the south Kenton area about the desire for any changes in present zoning regulations or policies as it pertains to residential, commercial, or industrial zoning. We used results of the 2014 survey and recommendations of the Direction 2030 comprehensive plan to guide our research and the options that we are presenting for residential zoning.

Recommendation 1 of Direction 2030

Recommendation 1 of Direction 2030 states, Align current policies and regulations to highlight and preserve the rural heritage of southern Kenton County.

Within that recommendation is this task: Develop model zoning regulations, based on the overall community value, that appropriately balance the need for growth and preservation in southern Kenton County.

If the data from the 2016 survey shows that people are happy with the present one-acre residential zoning, that is what we will support. We want to reflect the desires of the community.

Alternative Zoning Options & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The information in the following FAQs is the rationale for why we are presenting two other zoning options with larger lots on the 2016 survey. We hope this information will give you more background information than we could include on the survey due to size limitations. Please email Kathy Donohoue with any unanswered questions.