Planning Efforts in Southern Kenton County

Planning efforts in Southern Kenton County began with an effort in 1996 that mobilized residents to develop a vision for the future. View the:

A renewed effort to address issues in Southern Kenton County began when a meeting was held at Piner Elementary in November 2011 to seek residents input on the new Kenton County Comprehensive Plan. By the time a tornado struck Piner in March 2012, devastating the community and structures to the east of it, a small group of area citizens had met several times to try to bring their neighbors together. The immediate needs prompted by the Class 5 storm solidified that group’s goals and provided fuel to move it forward. Talk of bringing neighbors and friends together was replaced quickly by actions that were more effective in helping southern Kenton County residents see the value of working together.

Direction 2030

As the storm’s devastation transitioned to a memory, local discussions moved on to Direction 2030, a coordinated effort by the Kenton County Planning Commission to engage as many Kenton County residents in the crafting of a new comprehensive plan for the community. Residents got together and discussed past planning efforts and current needs. In order to get a comprehensive understanding of the area’s needs, the group decided to pursue a survey of their friends and neighbors across the southern part of the county. Results of the survey were then used to organize two focus group meetings that offered further insight into the results, and this input was then used to develop recommendations for the rural subarea portion of Direction 2030. Following the adoption of Direction 2030, residents reorganized to focus on implementation efforts.