State of 303 Court Street

303 Court Street in 1969 Versus Now

Infographic showing which departments occupied which floors in the Administration Building in 1969
Infographic showing which departments occupy which floors in the Administration Building now, many f

Building Issues

Building issues at 303 Court Street include:

  • No free surface parking
  • Congested location
  • Poor proximity to highway
  • Failing infrastructure
    • One of three elevators out of order
    • Three major chiller failures in last seven years
    • Temporary chiller currently in place
    • Electric bus duct required replacement
    • Inefficient heating and cooling due to building being half occupied and old technology
  • Building half empty
  • Old jail in building occupies three floors and a basement
  • Cost of removal of old jail exceeds value of building

Interior Views of County Administration Building

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