Overdue License Fees

The Business Services Division verifies license fee returns for accuracy and the correct amount of fee paid. A license fee bill, called a "Notice of Corrected Annual Occupational License Fee Return", is generated when the total amount due for the tax period is not paid. This notice includes the fee due, plus applicable penalties and fees which are charged on the unpaid balance due from the original due date of the license fee period. The notice begins the collection process. The length and severity of this process depend on how soon the notice is paid or resolved.

Attempt to Contact

The Business Services Division makes every attempt to contact the taxpayer regarding their outstanding tax liability, through telephone and mailings, throughout the collection process.


Penalties are assessed for 5% each month or a portion thereof that the total fee due is paid after the due date. The maximum penalty is 25% with a minimum of $25 per locality.

Penalty Waiver for Reasonable Cause

The Kenton County Occupational License Inspector may consider waiver of all or a portion of imposed penalties if the taxpayer can demonstrate reasonable cause. The taxpayer must demonstrate that the tax liability was the result of circumstances beyond his or her control, that the taxpayer acted in a reasonable manner trying to timely pay the tax, or that the strict enforcement of penalties would cause the taxpayer undue financial hardship. The penalty waiver request must be made in writing to the:
License Inspector, Kenton County Business Services Division
1840 Simon Kenton Way
Suite 5100
Covington, KY 41011

Supporting the Claim

It is the responsibility of the license holder to supply the Business Services Division with documentation to support the claim. Any Business Services Department account representative can assist the taxpayer with the appropriate requirements.

Interest Rates

Interest is computed on the unpaid tax due and there is no protest for imposed interest. The Business Services Division has established the following rates, per year:

2014-Present1% per month; $25 minimum penalty