In January 2014, with the support of Kenton County Fiscal Court, PDS, and the Kenton County Agriculture Extension office, the Citizen’s group mailed approximately 3100 surveys to all households in Southern Kenton County. Three-hundred fifty responses were needed for the survey to be considered statistically significant; the community came together and returned more than a 1000 surveys. The survey document was developed by Dr. Lori Garkovich with University of Kentucky who has extensive experience dealing with rural issues in other parts of Kentucky. Dr. Garkovich helped with a planning effort in 1996 for this part of Kenton County and has a good understanding of the community. Over 94 percent of the responses came from residents who live in southern Kenton County and more than 80 percent of those have lived in the community for over ten years.

2014 Survey

Results of the South Kenton County Land use Preferences Survey April 2014

Report to the Residents of South Kenton County

Survey Results Brochure Results April 23, 2014