On Sept. 4, 2014 the Direction 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Kenton County Planning Commission.  In coordination with PDS, the South Kenton Citizen Group used the basis of the public survey and continued small group discussions to develop the language and recommendations for the Rural Subarea of the plan.

Subsequently, SKCG has begun the work to implement Direction 2030 in coordination with PDS and county officials.  On Oct.23rd,  SKCG met with Dan Allen,  Kenton  Cooperative  Extension agent, and Dr. Lori Garkovich,  UK professor and expert on rural communities. Information was presented on protections in place for agricultural communities and what other local rural communities have accomplished to protect their way of life. 

SKCG members have formed 4 task committees to work on the recommendations of Direction 2030. The South Kenton Citizen Group welcomes the input and participation of all citizens in the unincorporated area of south Kenton County.  

Roads (recommendation 6) This committee will deal with maintenance and safety issues on roads within the sub-rural area.
Chair:  --

Services (recommendation 2) This committee will be concerned with public services such as water and internet connectivity.
Chair: Amy Heeger

Agricultural Heritage (recommendations 1, 3, 4) This committee will be looking at ways to conserve and protect farmland, promote agritourism, and develop educational opportunities for youth.
Interim chair: Dan Allen

Zoning (recommendation 5,1)  This committee will focus onzoning codes, regulations and ordinances as they relate to goals of the rural subarea.
Chair:  Kathy Donohoue

All subcommittees are chaired by a resident of Southern Kenton County and are offered staff support by Kenton County, Northern Kentucky Area Development District, Kenton County Agriculture Extension Office or the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County. The subcommittees will be meeting between November 2014 and June 2015 to study issues related to their corresponding Direction 2030 recommendations and take necessary steps to implement the recommendations.