Zoning Permit

A separate Zoning Permit may also be required by the City or County prior to business being conducted in addition to this Occupational License.  When calling a City or County below for such information please state that the purpose of your call is to determine if a zoning permit is required for your particular business activity in the "... City of ..." or if calling the Unincorporated Kenton County telephone number  "...the unincorporated areas of Kenton County....".

Bromley (859)261-2498 Fort Wright (859)331-1700
Crescent Springs (859)341-3017 Independence (859)356-5302
Crestview Hills (859)341-7373 Lakeside Park (859)341-6670
Edgewood (859)331-5910 Ludlow (859)491-1233
Elsmere (859)342-7911 Park Hills (859)431-6252
Erlanger (859)727-2525 Taylor Mill (859)581-3234
*Unincorporated Kenton Cty. (859)331-8980 Villa Hills (859)341-1515
Fort Mitchell (859)331-1212 .. ..


*Call Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission at (859) 331-8980 for zoning permit information.