Household Hazardous Waste Priorities

1. Paint disposal:

Paint can easily be disposed of in your garbage if it is a solid. The easiest way to do this is to remove the lid of the can and air-dry the paint.  You may need to stir the paint occasionally to insure thorough drying. If you have a lot of paint, you may need to add kitty litter to the paint and then pour it out onto a sheet of cardboard or newspaper to allow it to dry faster. You should make sure that the drying paint is away from children or pets. Once the paint is a solid, you may throw it away with your regular garbage.  Leave the lid off the can to show the driver that the paint is dry.

2. Motor oil:

Motor oil can be disposed of at Kenton County Public Works, Division of Fleet Management for no charge.  

3. Antifreeze:

Antifreeze can be dropped off for no charge at Kenton County Maintenance Department. It also can be accepted for no charge at Boone County Public Works on Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Call (859) 334-3151 for more information.

Additional Priority Household Hazardous Waste Items:

1. Batteries:

Auto batteries can be taken to local scrap recycling centers for no charge.  These include Blue Grass Recycling-Burlington (859-283-9560), Can-Do Recycling-Covington (859-261-8264), Collins Auto Parts-Newport (859-581-6900), Advance Auto parts-Dry Ridge (859-824-0801), Tire City-Williamstown (859-823-1111), Wal-Mart-Dry Ridge (859-824-3313).  Flashlight batteries, or alkaline batteries, can be legally discarded in normal residential garbage.  They can also be taken to an environmental disposal company.

Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off at most local retail stores.

2. Propane tanks:

Tanks in good shape can be turned in to cylinder exchange programs at local convenience stores. Contact a store near you.  Empty propane tanks can be taken to the Public Works Recycling Program in all counties. Please remove the valve stem completely from the tank. Empty tanks can also be put out for the garbage as long as the valve stem is completely removed from the tank.  Please call your garbage collector to confirm.

3. Household cleaners:

These products are water-soluble.  They can be poured down the drain mixed with water.  Never mix household cleaners while disposing.

4. Pesticides:

The Department of Agriculture can provide information about pesticide disposal at 1-800-205-6543.  They offer a pick-up service to farmers for disposal.