Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Standard

The best disposal method for products is to use them as intended on the label and until they are gone.

Households can legally dispose of any of the following in their residential garbage.  However, liquids should not be included in the regular garbage because of leakage from collection vehicles.

All of the following can be taken to an environmental disposal company.  A local company, Environmental Enterprises, on Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati will take paint, oil, antifreeze and other hazardous materials. Please call to confirm pricing or for more information at 1-800-722-2818

Household hazardous waste items can be:

  • Corrosive: a chemical, or its vapors, that can cause deterioration or irreversible alteration in body tissues at the site of contact, and deteriorate or wear away the surface of the material.
  • Flammable: can be ignited under almost all temperature conditions.
  • Irritant: causes soreness or inflammation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, or respiratory system. Household hazardous products and their containers need to be properly disposed to minimize potential contamination of groundwater supplies. Kentucky's groundwater serves as the drinking water resource for 85% of the state's rural population.
  • Toxic: may cause injury or death upon ingestion, absorption, or inhalation.