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Shelterhouse Reservations

Kenton County Parks Shelterhouse Reservations Begin February 5, 2018

Each year, Kenton County Parks and Recreation begins accepting reservations for the upcoming outdoor season beginning on the first Monday in February for all shelterhouses in our parks. Shelterhouses are available for reservation from April 14, 2018 through October 21, 2018

Parks and park shelterhouses are excellent venues for company and family picnics, birthday parties, reunions, wedding receptions, and celebrations of any kind. The non-refundable reservations permit fee entitles the permit holder exclusive use of the assigned shelterhouse, and is good from 9:00 am until dusk on the assigned day. We recommend that you keep your shelterhouse permit in your possession while you are using the shelterhouse, as proof of your reservation should the need arise.

This year, we will begin accepting reservations on Monday, February 5 at 7:30 am for our walk-in guests only.  

Reservations can be made at the Kenton County Public Works and Parks & Recreation Administration office, located at 420 Independence Station Rd. (in Lincoln Ridge Park), Independence, KY 41051. Effective at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 5, there will be the option to check availability and make a reservation online here. Reservations can be made in person any weekday during the regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Reservations are $65 or $80. Because of their size, location, and amenities, shelterhouse permit fees for Middleton-Mills 2, Pioneer 1, and Lincoln Ridge 3 are each $80. The remaining shelterhouses, which are Lincoln Ridge 1 and 2, Pioneer 2, Middleton-Mills 1, and Richardson Road 1, are each $65 to reserve. Or, with a $150 non-refundable fee, reserve a shelterhouse for a special event (not including run/walk events) up to one year in advance.

Special Permits

Kenton County Parks & Recreation has introduced a plan to assist organizers of special events. This special event plan provides an opportunity for citizens to reserve a shelterhouse up to one year in advance of the event date. 

Under this plan, a special event is defined as a non-profit event that requires additional space for tents or other apparatus, that requires use of large areas of the park (for car shows, festivals, large corporate functions, etc.), or that requires advance planning, such as a wedding. Booking one of Kenton County's parks for a special event includes the exclusive use of one shelterhouse. Reserving a date for a special event requires payment of a non-refundable permit fee and a completed application. The special events permit fee is $150.

Kenton County Parks & Recreation also allows non-profits to host 5K races at various parks. For more information on hosting a 5k race, please contact us at 859-525-PLAY.

The special events permit application can be found here.


When making plans and deciding which shelterhouse will best serve your needs, please remember to consider available parking spaces. Here is a breakdown of parking spaces located in the near proximity to each respective shelterhouse:

  • Lincoln Ridge Park has a total of 134 spaces available for parking in two main parking areas. Between Shelterhouse 1 and Shelterhouse 2, there are 67 spaces and there are 67 additional parking spaces near Shelterhouse 3. 
  • Middleton-Mills Park has a total of 632 paved parking spaces and another 100 or so available on gravel. Near Shelterhouse 1, there are 81 parking spaces in the lower lot and 101 spaces in the upper lot near the Baseball fields. There are 50 more spaces located over the outfield fence near the secondary park entrance. There are 35 spaces in the lot near the Soccer field concessions and restrooms building to the right of the main park entrance and another 52 spaces at the Soccer field’s lot. At Shelterhouse 2, parking spaces for approximately 100 cars are available in the adjacent gravel lot. 58 spaces are available near the Basketball courts. Through the woods and a short trail walk away, near the Football fields; there are another 255 spaces. 
  • Pioneer Park has a total of 278 total parking spaces; 117 spaces are situated in the proximity of Shelterhouse 1; 78 more are located near the bridge to the KentonPawPark, and another 83 spaces are located near Shelterhouse 2 and the Basketball and Tennis courts.  
  • Richardson Road Park has a total of 162 parking spaces. In the area near the Shelterhouse, there are 86 spaces; an additional 76 are available in the lot off Thomas   Drive near Baseball Field 1.

420 Independence Station Road, Independence, Kentucky 41051
Phone: 859.525.PLAY (7529)  •  Fax: 859.392.1923