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FINS- Fishing in NeighborhoodS

FINS - Fishing In Neighborhoods
Quality Fishing Locally at Middleton-Mills Park


 Fins Logo

Kenton County Parks & Recreation, in cooperation with Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, is excited to be included in the list of lakes which are part of the KDF&WR‘s Fishing In Neighborhoods, or FINS program. Both of the ponds at Middleton-Mills Park are enrolled in the program; the Shelterhouse Pond, since 2006 and the Long Pond, since 2010. 

The goal of the program is to create quality fishing opportunities close to home in cities of all sizes. Lakes are regularly stocked with catfish and rainbow trout throughout the year. In addition to these lakes being stocked with catfish and trout, the sunfish and bass populations are regularly sampled to ensure natural reproduction is meeting the needs of anglers. Stocking of hybrid sunfish and/or largemouth bass may occur, if needed. 

FINS is intended to enrich and lengthen the season for fishing in Kentucky. All lakes in the FINS program have a standard set of regulations that will be posted around the lakes. These regulations are a little more restrictive than the statewide regulations but help spread the fish harvest out over a longer period of time. At Middleton-Mills Park, each pond will be stocked with 300 Channel Catfish (9-15”) at least three times annually. Additionally, 500 Rainbow Trout (8-12” keepers) at least twice each year. A complete list of which lakes are involved in the program, directions, months fish are stocked and other related information is provided at the KDFWR Web site at www.fw.ky.gov/Fish

Daily Limit:

  • 5 Trout
  • 4 Channel Catfish
  • 1 Largemouth Bass (must be at least 15” in length)
  • 15 Bluegill or other sunfish

Be sure to have a valid Kentucky Fishing License in possession to fish in any of Kentucky’s public waters and you must have a Trout Stamp if you are keeping Trout.

You can purchase your fishing license and Trout Stamp at a number of Northern Kentucky retailers. You can also go online to purchase your license and Trout stamp at http://fw.ky.gov/Licenses/

The address is 3415 Mills Rd., Covington, KY 41015. 

 Middleton Mills Park Ponds

For more about the FINS program, visit http://fw.ky.gov/Fish/Pages/Fishing-In-Neighborhoods.aspx . For questions or comments about FINS, contact Dane Balsman, Urban Fisheries Biologist at dane.balsman@ky.gov or call him at (502) 564-7109 ext. 4480.