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Field Availability

Rainout Line
(859) 544-1700
View on-line or use the free app!

Kenton County Parks & Recreation (KCP&R) is making it easier for residents to stay up to date when adverse weather affects sporting events and field availability. KCP&R has invested in Rainout Line, which includes several new ways to check the status of a field. The new number that will only provide field availability is 859-544-1700. KCP&R will no longer update field availability on their current phone line (859-525-PLAY).

Along with calling into the new number, residents can also check availability here or Rainout Line’s website, download the free Rainout Line iPhone or Android app, and subscribe to email and text alerts

Rainoutline App

Field availability will be updated with either a Green (it’s a go!), Yellow (delayed), Red (cancelled) or Question mark (questionable) symbol. Park employees and park partners will be able to update availability throughout the day and residents will be able to tell when it was last updated. 

Field Availability

Please see the below field availability information. The organization responsible for updating and scheduling the field/fields is listed next to the park under each sport.


Lincoln Ridge Park (Kenton County Parks & Recreation)
Middleton-Mills Park (Northern Kentucky Baseball)
Pioneer Park (Kenton County Parks & Recreation)
Richardson Road Park (Northern Kentucky Youth Association)

Middleton-Mills Park (Northern Kentucky Youth Football League)

Doe Run Lake (Independence Soccer Club: 859-392-0199)
Middleton-Mills Park (Independence Soccer Club: 859-392-0199)
Lincoln Ridge Park (Independence Soccer Club: 859-392-0199)
Pioneer Park (Independence Soccer Club: 859-392-0199)
Richardson Road Park (Northern Kentucky Youth Association: 859-391-6598)
Disc Golf

Lincoln Ridge Park (Kenton County Parks & Recreation)

Field Availability
To schedule a field for Baseball at Cordero Field, Lincoln Ridge and Pioneer Park, please contact: Jason Ishmael, Northern Kentucky Baseball at Jason.Ishmael@ci.irs.gov(859)445-2995