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We are always looking for new volunteers to help with our daily tasks as well as special events.  Please be aware you must be 18 years old to volunteer at the animal shelter. If you have any questions please contact the Animal Shelter at 859.356.7400

Please visit the animal shelter to complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form.

Note: submitting the form does not guarantee you a volunteer position. The shelter reserves the right to review all applications received.

Volunteer Your Time:


Shelters are often in need of volunteers to walk dogs, bathe and groom animals and play with the cats. These animals are in a strange environment that is often loud and confusing. To get out and have a walk around the yard is a great treat. Some animals come in off the street and are dirty. A bath and some brushing could make them more presentable to a potential adopter. A few moments with a kind human could make an animal feel more loved and appreciated during this difficult time. Please contact your shelter to see if you can give an animal a well-deserved hand. Oftentimes shelters will have a minimum age requirement for volunteering in the shelter facility.

We also need volunteers for our fundraiser events.  

Foster an Animal:

Many shelters have foster programs already set up. This program allows foster parents to house a dog or cat in their home until an adoptive family can be found. Many of the cats and dogs in shelters are unable to handle the pressure of the shelter environment. These animals are in need of a nice, quiet environment where they can feel wanted and loved. If you feel that you can provide a foster home and are willing to go through a shelter orientation and training program, please contact the Kenton County Animal Shelter for further information.

Please visit the animal shelter to complete and submit the Foster Application Form. You may also print it out to bring in to the shelter. Please note: you may need to download the form onto your computer to complete.