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All animals are MICROCHIPPED  

Microchipping your dog replaces the need for obtaining the conventional dog license in Kenton County.

Kenton County uses the latest in Microchip Technology called 'Home Again'.

Home Again has several advantages over previous identification systems such as tags or tattoos.

Permanent, lifelong identification is provided by a tiny microchip - approximately the size of a grain of rice - programmed with a unique unalterable code that can be identified with a hand-held scanner.

One problem with previous systems was movement of the microchips from the implant site, sometimes making localization and scanning of the microchip practically impossible. The Home Again system has a patented "anti-migration" cap, which assures the implant will "stay put", making it easy for a veterinary clinic or animal shelter to scan the chip for its unique, unalterable identification number.

Additional Home Again Services:


  •                  Pet Recovery Database
  •                  Lost Pet Specialist
  •                  Rapid Lost Pet Alerts
  •                  24/7 Per Emergency Hotline
  •                  Pet Travel Insurance

Microchipping your dog covers the following:

1) One year of Home Again Additional Services shown above. 
After the first year, a Membership Fee is required for these services.

2) Your pet gets entered to the Home Again national database and remains in database throughout the life of your pet. 

3) Replaces the need of obtaining the conventional animal shelter license.