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Licensing your Pet

Licensing Comic
Far too many animals are not reunited with their owner when they get lost. Licensing your pet is a way to give your pet a better chance of getting home. 

You may renew your licenses at the animal shelter and several places around the county
(see locations below).

 Proof of current rabies vaccine is required to obtain a license.
All Dogs and Cats in Kenton County are subject to Licensing.

Complete form, print it and send it with your check payment to:
Kenton County Animal Shelter
1020 Mary Laidley Drive
Covington,  KY   41017

License - 1st Registration Altered and Microchipped        $10.00

License - Altered and Microchipped                                  $5.00

License - Altered, No Microchip                                         $10.00

License - Unaltered, No Microchip                                    $20.00

License - Vicious Animal                                                  $50.00

Microchip Renewal - $5.00
Purchase a new Microchip - $30.00 
Your tax deductible donation along with your License Fee will go to the Animal Care Fund 

Kenton County Pet license can also be obtained at the following locations: 

Kenton County Building
303 Court Street
Covington, Ky. 41011
(859) 392-1420


Bach Animal Hospital
5880 Madison Pike
Independence, Ky. 41051
(859) 356-8883

Fedders JH Feed Co 
1550 Russel St
Covington   KY   41011

Pets Plus
5054 Old Taylor Mill Road
Taylor Mill, Ky. 41015
(859) 431-5776

Pioneer Valley Animal Clinic
4147 Madison Pike
Covington, Ky. 41017
(859) 356-2242