Kenton County
Marriage Licenses

Covington, Ky. Location
Room 102
Phone: (859) 392-1650 Fax: (859) 392-1639

Independence, Ky. Location
Phone: (859) 392-1692  Fax: (859) 392-1681

Requirements are as follows:

For the Male:    

21 years or older needs Driver's License or Picture ID.  
18-20 years old, Certified State Birth Certificate or Verification of Birth form State. 
Under 18 years old, must have Parental Consent.

For the Female: Same as above except she needs to be a Resident of Kenton County if she is under 18, even with Parental Consent.

The License is issued the same day it is applied.  Licenses are good for 30 days, and must be used in the State of Kentucky.



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