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Recycling in Kenton County's Banklick Woods Park

Want to do the right thing and recycle, but it's just too darn much trouble?  Recycling has just been made easy for Kenton County residents.  Bins to accept your recyclable items (aluminum and tin cans, paper, plastic and glass containers) have been located inside of Banklick Woods Park, near Public Works Administration Building, at 420 Independence Station Road.  Kenton County has contracted with Rumpke of Kentucky who uses Single Stream recycling, which means recyclable items are put together and later sorted at Rumpke's facility.  If you have any questions regarding recycling please call Roger Wells at Kenton County Solid Waste Management at (859)392-1915.


You can visit the Kentucky Division of Waste Management web site for more information at:

You can also call you local solid waste coordinator:

Northern Kentucky Solid Waste Management
 (after hours and weekend informational phone tree) (859) 334-3151

Kenton County Solid Waste Management (859) 392-1915


Roger Wells • Kenton County Solid Waste Coordinator
420 Independence Station Rd
Independence   KY   41051
(859)392-1930 (Office)
(859)392-1923 (Fax)


Public Works Monthly Cleanup Program
First Saturday of every month.
Recycle Your Used Toner Cartridges
Bring your used Printer, FAX, Copier Toner Cartridges to us for recycling. Cartridges takes years to breakdown in the landfill.
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