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9 Holes

9 Holes

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18 Holes

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To  you reservations please call (859)371-3200.

Don't Be A NO-SHOW!

The Golf Courses of Kenton County offer golfers of various skill levels three unique and wonderful golfing environments not duplicated anywhere in our region.  Our goals to provide quality playing surfaces, while keeping prices affordable in our marketplace, are driven by our ability to manage the yield on our facilities.

When players reserve space then do not show up, or reserve more places then actually show up, this impacts the fees of all players who utilize the golf courses.  The Golf Courses of Kenton County operating costs are funded entirely by golfers' fees.  If deficits in revenues occur, a fee increase will be necessary to cover the shortage.

We can all help keep fees manageable by not being a NO-SHOW.  Please contact the golf course when you will be unable to use your tee-time or have fewer players than you have reserved.  Help yourself keep green fees affordable and cancel times.  There is always another group looking to play our wonderful golf courses.

Dan Moening, General Manager

PGA Professional